Pakistan’s former cricket captain Wasim Akram has received an unconditional apology from the retired military man who fired on his car during a road rage incident in Karachi earlier this month.

Major (retd) Amirul Rehman, in a letter to Akram, has said that he regretted the incident which was a result of a misunderstanding.

Sources said the issue is now resolved and Akram has accepted the apology after some mutual friends pacified and convinced the former captain to forget the incident which took place while he was supervising a fast bowlers camp at the national stadium.

Akram’s car was hit by the vehicle of Rehman who was in the back seat while his driver was at the wheels.

In the episode that followed, Wasim chased and blocked the car and during a heated argument, Rehman aimed a gun at the former captain and than fired at his car.

Akram was left shaken by the incident had filed a FIR with the police. Rehman obtained pre-arrest bail after his driver and the car were seized by the police.

Source: The Hindu

One source said the retired Major had approached some of Akram’s friends in influential positions and got the matter settled only after the former captain demanded a written apology to be released in the media.

In the letter, Rehman has tendered his unconditional apology over what he says was a “sad incident” which arose out of road rage and added that he and his family were a great fan of Wasim Akram.

Rehman said that he faced opposition from his family members in favour of Akram. He called the former left arm all-rounder a national hero and pride of the country and added that the whole incident was a misunderstanding.

Rehman also sought a personal audience with the cricket legend.

Here’s the letter:

Source: Dawn

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