Relax, there are no spoilers in this article. GoT is all the rage nowadays. Not only has the show created an immense buzz amongst its fans, but has become a talking point on social media. And if you’re even remotely connected to the gaming scene, you’d have heard of a little something called GTA. Ever wondered what the Game Of Thrones lead characters would look like if they were a part of the Grand Theft Auto game? Wonder no more.

1) Tywin Lannister

2) Sandor Clegane

3) Ygritte

4) Bran Stark

5) White Walker

6) Talisa Maegyr

7) Robb Stark

8) Daenerys Targaryen

9) Jon Snow

10) Jaime Lannister

11) Theon Greyjoy

12) Margaery Tyrell

13) Tyrion Lannister

A special thanks to Moshi-Kun for these nice images. Great Stuff!

Editor's Note: This article previously had some misattributed names. These issues have been fixed thanks to inputs from our readers. We try our best to diligently fact-check all our articles and deeply regret this slip up.