We have seen Arnab shell out his antics on The Newshour Live everyday at 9. Sure, he might go a ‘little’ overboard sometimes, but you cannot deny the fact that above all, he does provide us with some wholesome entertainment. 

Owning the show as everyday, Arnab was on fire last night debating on the Tanmay Bhat Snapchat episode. In discussion with a panel of backers and opposers of Tanmay, Arnab went on to explain what Snapchat is, and quite surprisingly he bestowed the TV world with what can be called the Best Arnab moment of 2016.

Obviously, all the millennials know Snapchat like the back of their hand. But seeing Arnab describe it, and how, is quite priceless!

Here, why don’t you take a look yourself:

He explains, “Snapchat is an instant message and mutlimedia mobile application used in the smartphone age. In fact, the video is deleted in a matter of 24 hours.”

He then goes ahead and explains drought in the most simplest of terms and hits the panel as well as the Maharashtra government with the question of what grants more attention – Snapchat or drought?

Now this is an Arnab most of us have not seen in quite a while. Kudos, to you for making a very valid point, Arnab!