Each time extremism threatens to engulf the world, someone steps forward and reminds people that it is not all gloom and doom. Hope floats even in the darkest hour.

Amid several campaigns launched by the Muslim community to showcase Islam’s peaceful side came a social experiment, where a blindfolded Muslim man brought out the love and trust among people.


Source: IN THE NOW

The man stood with placards which read, “I am a Muslim, but I have been told I am a terrorist” and “do you trust me?”, asking people to hug him if they did.

It’s similar to an experiment conducted by a Muslim man in Mumbai earlier this year, and many other’s all over the world .

Source: iDiOTUBE

As people in the streets of Paris gathered around him to show him some love with warm hugs, the man said that he wanted to show the world that Muslim’s are not necessarily terrorists and that Islam forbids killing innocent people.