Imagine a guy who has been in jail for 44 years and suddenly one day, he is set free in the middle of Times Square in New York.

Perhaps, it’s very hard for us, ‘the free’, to think of a situation like this.

So, stop imagining. Meet Otis Johnson, an American who was imprisoned at the age of 25 for attempted murder of a police officer. Now, Johnson is 69 and he is totally perturbed by the things going around him.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

He can’t make sense of people talking to themselves with wires in their ears. In fact, in the middle of a street in New York, Johnson is thinking that every person with wires (read headphones) in his ears is a CIA agent because according to him, “only CIA guys used to have wires in their ears when he was young and free (he’s talking about 60s, 70s).”

In this swirling cacophony of “crazy stuff” around him, Johnson is missing his family and his two nieces, with whom he lost all contact in 1998. But at the same time, he’s not a guy who’ll live in past.

As Johnson says “I try not to go back. I try to go forward.”

Watch Johnson’s story here:

Feature image source: YouTube Video Screenshot