Narendra Modi has a faithful band of cheerleaders that simply keeps doing its job.

Call them Bhakts or Modi toadies, these fans do put up a solid show for Modiji — ranging from spectacular concerts in foreign lands, to unintentionally humorous viral videos, such as the one being screened in theaters across the nation.

The video, made by censor board chief Pahlaj Nihalani, is meant to praise Modi and thank him but instead it does the exact opposite. The song Mera Desh Hai Mahaan, Mera Desh Hai Jawaan sounds right out of a patriotic 60s Bollywood film, but it is the visuals that have sparked off a lot of interest for their ‘extraordinary’ creativity.

As the video rolls on, enthusiastic characters reveal the extraordinary achievements of Modi. Only with a slight catch.

The expressway in Dubai, a US Air Force Tomcat and Moscow’s international trade centre are revealed to be Modi’s accomplishments.

That’s not all, it seems somehow Tour De France made its way to India under Modi’s rule, and the international space station is also mentioned as “kamaal Modi ka.”

The enlightening video which compares Modi to Gandhi also showcases the Discovery shuttle and Solar panels in California as our very own PM’s contributions.

And how can we forget that Modi has somehow also helped build NASA’s Atlantis shuttle and Japan’s HTV-3.

If nothing else, Modi and his toadies should spare us all and pull the video off the big screens as quickly as possible. For a short while, it even makes Prem Ratan Dhan Payo seem bearable.