At a recent television debate, emotions ran high as arguments flew from both sides of the panelists over what constitutes nationalism, and whether the alleged statements made at JNU went against the country.

Just then, a panelist – Retd Major General GD Bakshi – broke down. Next, we saw a surprise guest at the debate – HRD ministry Smriti Irani. She made a call to the channel, to give an emotional message to Bakshi. 

She began by saying she was speaking not as a minister but as a citizen, who was moved by the tears in the eyes of a man like GD Bakshi.

“It is the greatest tragedy of my nation today that I see tears in the eyes of a brave soldier like you, Sir…We are grateful for your sacrifices, we are grateful for your service. And, under the flag, every Indian – knowingly and unknowingly – know this, we will be grateful for ever,” she said. 

As Smriti Irani ended the call, the anchor signed off on a patriotic note.

Meanwhile, journalist Vikram Chandra took to twitter wondering aloud what the “drama and the tears” were all about, and why the national flag was being hijacked by politics.