For all means and purposes, this has been Jasprit Bumrah’s World Cup so far. 

Neither failing nor faltering, he has been marching on – performing well even on days when most players don’t.

Last night was no exception to that. In a match a little too close for comfort, he took 4 wickets in total, including this one:

And so, it was natural for the press to ask him the secret behind these near-perfect deliveries, and this is how he responded to the question:

I do it again and again and again in the nets. The more you do it, you get decent at it. You can’t master it but you still try to get better at it. It’s all about repetition. It’s like the length ball – you have to do it again and again (in the nets) and try and replicate it in the game. I try to keep things simple. 

Lovely to note how he went for the word ‘decent’ for his bowling because perfection, he thinks, is not achievable. 

While further adding that he thinks about the long-term goals when playing for the country:

Reading and analysing the wicket as soon as possible is important. Sometimes you run after wickets, but I focus on team goals, what the team wants me to do right now. Not chasing success, I want to focus on my process. If I do that, eventually everything gets sorted out. 

As for rest? He thinks he has just started.

He sounds like a genius because he is one. What a pleasure to witness this greatness.