Geeta is back in India 15 years after she was found by Pakistan Rangers on Samjhauta Express . The speech and hearing impaired woman was greeted by the entire nation and leaders, but she does not remember her family from Bihar and hence the decision to hand her over will be taken after a DNA test.

While the government is making attempts to acertain details about Geeta’s family, she will be staying at the Mook Badhir Sangathan in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The NGO is run by a former president of the Indian Sign Language Interpreters Association.

Students at Mook Badhir have also performed the National Anthem in sign language, something that can connect Geeta to her roots in a land she yearned for.

Geeta has found a new home at Mook Badhir. The External Affairs Ministry told Dainik Jagran that, “Even if we find Geeta’s parents, then too we will request them to let her stay at an Indore institution for two years so that her sign language improves.” Meanwhile the Prime Minister took time to show his appreciation for the Edhi foundation that contributed to Geeta’s journey back home.

The love and help that Geeta got on both sides of the borders speaks volumes for humanity irrespective of nationality. Hopefully, she will be reunited with her family soon.