He blew our minds with the use of difficult and lesser-known English words on Twitter.

Shashi Tharoor never ceases to amaze us. 

While we were trying to find the meaning to these words, he made this task easy for us by his new series of tweets.

And every day we got our ‘Word of the Day’.

Just when we were wondering whether he has a similar grasp on Hindi language, he impressed us by his excellent performance in the Hindi vocabulary test with journalist Akash Banerjee.

He simply nailed it.

And now what may come as a surprise to us, he is not bad at Urdu too.

He recently shared a video where he is seen reciting Ghalib’s shayaris. And why not? After all he was in Lucknow.

It’s an excerpt from his speech in Lucknow last month where he took digs at the ruling party with his parodies and shayaris.

You can watch the video here.

What should we expect next, Mr. Tharoor?