Just a day after Donald Trump said that he could shoot someone and still keep loyal voters, a Sikh man was heckled and pushed out of a Trump election rally, after he allegedly interrupted the presidential candidate, and held up a “stop hate sign” to register his protest.

As Trump begin his speech targeting Muslims in the US, the Sikh protester in a red turban started a silent protest by raising a banner which read “stop hate”, NDTV reported. Trump waved at him saying “Bye, Bye, Goodbye”, and within minutes the man was forcibly removed from the rally by security.


Notorious for his prejudice against immigrants and Muslims, Trump also said, “he wasn’t wearing one of those hats, was he? Was he wearing one of those things?” Meanwhile his supporters appreicated the action by chanting “USA, USA”, as reported by Mail Online.

This comes as another incident similar to that of a Muslim woman being abused and thrown out of a Trump rally for protesting against his statements, like several others before.