A French surfer, Dylan Nacass, has survived a shark attack in Australia with only some minor injuries on his right leg after punching a shark during the attack.

According to ABC News, the incident took place on Friday at Victoria’s Bellas Beach. While surfing, he realised that his right leg was bitten by the shark, he started pushing it. Fortunately, after a couple of punches, the shark left his leg.

The Guardian

The aftermath was captured by Graham Blade, who started filming on camera after the shark first went for Nacass’s leg. The footage shows a local surfer Matthew helped him reach to the shore with the shark just inches behind them.

ABC News

Nacass was immediately taken to a hospital where he got four stitches on this wound. Despite a really close call, Nacass said that he doesn’t blame shark and it’s natural for sharks to attack surfers. 

He said that as soon as his leg is healed, he wants to go right back to the beach.