Over 100 people have lost their lives in a massive explosion in Beirut. Homes and buildings that were as far as 10 kilometres from the place of the explosion were damaged in a matter of seconds and devastating visuals of the massive explosion rocked the world. 

One such video doing the rounds on the internet is that of a 29-year-old Lebanese bride, Israa Seblani who was smiling and posing for her wedding video. But the deafening sound of the blast followed by the massive explosion occurred right in the middle of her shoot.  

Her wedding video and the wedding photographer captured the exact moment when the shock wave hit Beirut on Tuesday. 

Source: YouTube

It firstly shows the bride smiling and showing off her white bridal dress. Then suddenly the camera is pointed at Seblani’s feet when the first shock wave hits, blowing away her bouquet and billowing her dress out behind her.

Source: Youtube

A day later, Seblani told Reuters about the incident and how it was difficult to process it,    

What happened during the explosion here - there is no word to explain ... I was shocked, I was wondering what happened, am I going to die? How am I going to die? I feel so sad about what happened to other people, about what happened to Lebanon. When I woke up and saw the damage that happened to Beirut, the one thing I said was thank God we are still alive. 
Source: Reuters

However, the bride, Ms Seblani is a doctor in The United States and before she took off, she checked on the injured nearby, before fleeing central Beirut's Saifi square to safety.    

The massive explosion has killed 135 people and injured more than 5,000 till now.   

You can watch the entire video here :