With wedding shoots becoming such a big deal, people are going out of their way to come up with interesting concepts.

Sometimes, these concepts backfire.

YouTube/Aperina Studios

For instance, this shoot where a giraffe named Stanley photo-bombed the couple and even tried to take the groom’s pagdi away with his mouth. 

Indian-American Amish and Megna opted a ranch as their wedding shoot venue, but they didn’t expect sneaky Stanley to interrupt like that. It was the cutest thing, though.

YouTube/Aperina Studios

In an adorable video, the giraffe can be seen inspecting the humans for a bit and then straight going for the bright red turban.

The ones to share the video were Aperina Studios, who also wrote:

We had the privilege of filming Stanley the giraffe at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu, CA with a wedding couple. Our experience was, well, how can I put it, it was very interesting. Other than that, we had a very creative wedding photoshoot with a giraffe. 
YouTube/Aperina Studios

Stanley even tried to chew the turban before it was taken away from him.

If I were a giraffe and saw a bright red turban from up top, I would have probably done the same.