As someone very clever once said, untangling wires of earphones should be a legit Olympics event. It takes a lifetime’s worth of training to master the untangling process and it requires immense persistence and dedication. If we add all the time we have spent in untangling earphone wires, it would probably amount to a year of our life we will never get back. 

Lot of good souls tried to help mankind in the face of such adversity but in vain. The wireless earphones that have been developed as an answer to this ordeal has all proved highly cumbersome and prone to getting lost. So, here we are now hoping Phazon has an answer to this. 

Phazon is creating the world’s first one-size-fits-all earphones that they guarantee will not fall off. The twist-motion of the earbuds enables them to fit every ear size. To top it all, the earbuds are water resistant. 

According to Phazon, along with listening to music with the earbuds on, you can also swim, run, rock climb, box, jump rope and whatnot, even walk on your hands! 

Along with the earbuds, there will be a charging case. The Phazon earbuds also gives you five colour options to choose from. 

Now, this is where you come into the picture. 

If you think this is a brilliant design and concept, you can pledge and back them here, as they are still sourcing funds. The set will be delivered to you roughly around September this year. 

In case you want to read more about the product, you can read it here or watch the video here:

Let’s just put this matter to rest once and for all. 

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