What are the things that we normally boast about the most — a car, a new house or at the most a trip abroad?

But there are some folks in Punjab, who have a completely different way of showing off. They have snazzy rooftop water tanks. In the shape of birds, plane, lion, kangaroo and what not.

Apart from storing water, these water tanks are constructed to show a higher status in the society and the families are identified with these water tanks.

1. The Air India flight that never takes off

2. The ship that has water inside it

3. Woman on top. Mai Bhago was a Sikh woman who led Sikh soldiers against the Mughals in 1705.

4. The king of the jungle

5. …and birds of all kinds and sizes

6. Bullocks with water bellies

7. Running away with water is not an option for mama and baby kangaroo.

8. On the lookout

All images sourced from: DailyBhaskar.com