Delhi is infamous for being the ‘rape capital’ and ‘crime capital’ of the country. But now it has gone one step further, earning another humiliating tag of being the ‘stalking capital’ of India, according to the latest data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), reports The Times of India.

Cases of stalking have reportedly grown over 200% in the last year—from 541 in 2014, to 1,124 in 2015. Among the states, Maharashtra tops the stalking list with 1,399 cases. But that is for an entire state unlike Delhi which is a Union Territory.

Delhi, yet again, continued to hold the baton of being the rape capital of India, with the number of rape cases registered increasing by 4% in 2015. Delhi is already a city where women are four times more likely to be raped than anywhere else in India, reports Hindustan Times.

Over 34,600 cases of rape were reported across the country last year, of which 2,199 cases belong to Delhi alone, making it the highest among the union territories.

The national capital, which is also notoriously dubbed as the ‘crime capital’ of India, has topped the list of 53 ‘mega cities’ for the sheer of number criminal cases registered. In fact, the number of cognizable crime reported in 2015 is higher than the cumulative figure of all metro cities, reports The Times Of India

As per the NCRB records, Delhi alone registered 1,73,947 FIRs during 2015, whereas Mumbai registered only 42,940 cases, followed by Bengaluru with 35,576 and Jaipur 26,288, reports India Today

Here’s another interesting statistic: One out of every four crimes in India takes place in Delhi, reports The Indian Express

Among the ‘mega cities’, Delhi also topped the list for total number of cases of kidnapping and abduction—with 6,630 cases—while the number was 1,583 in Mumbai.

Even after going through all this data, Delhi be like: 

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