At a time where everyone is collectively going through a rough period, Kerala seems to have cracked how to function at a time like this. They are adopting creative methods and taking decisions in a timely manner to make informaton fun and things more practical.  

1. Kerala Police Dance

The Kerala police released a video a while back, demonstrating the right way to wash hands amid the ongoing coronavirus threat. Police officials were seen dancing cutely with masks and uniforms with catchy music that drew a lot of attention.   

2.  Kiosks to collect samples 

The state has developed its own method of building inexpensive kiosks for mass collection of samples from people with symptoms for covid-19. It is their way of increasing testing since there is a major lack of that in our country. The walk in sample kiosk is the first one in India and the model has been inspired from South Korea.

3.  Press conferences every day 

The state government ensures that there is transparency and complete information regarding the virus and has found a way to interact with its people and keep them in the loop. There is a press conference which is led by the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan every evening to answer any relevant queries regarding the outbreak. From the symptoms to when you can leave the house to what are the next steps, everything is addressed in the conference. It is a way of making sure that there is open conversation and no panic at a time of crisis.

4. Increased access to the internet

Looking at the high demand for internet as people are now working from home and see it as one of the most important means of communication, Kerala announced to increase its connectivity by 30-40% to meet the high demand. This step was an indicator of the need to think long term and start acting from now itself, before it gets late.