Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They start dating. They date for a really long time. That’s when they realize that with time comes a lot of changes in the relationship as well. The fights disappear, the love deepens, the priorities change. Anyone who’s been in a relationship for a while would know how this story goes! Here are 15 things you’ll understand & relate to if you’ve been dating someone for a long time!

1. Your playlist has his songs. His playlist has your songs. You watch Scarface with him. He watches Pretty Woman with you. Basically, you’ve both become a little bit of the other.

2. You no longer have strict army-like rules about never letting him see you on a bad hair day or when you’re not wearing lip gloss!

3. You’ve become buddies with his buddies and he’s become buddies with your buddies. You’re part of one big large buddy universe by now.

4. There are fewer misunderstandings and over-reactions. By now, you know what ticks each other off and what calms each other down!

5. Everyone knows that calling you for any party, any gathering is an automatic ‘plus one’.

6. Whatever little power games or white lies you may have engaged in the early stages of dating have given way to honesty and transparency.

7. Those 5 hour long phone conversations in the night giggling and squealing have been replaced by shorter ones because you’re mostly always with each other.

8. The act of ‘asking for permission’ before you make plans or do something has stopped now. Permission is for people who don’t know each other that well.

9. Staying apart from each other was absolute torture for you in the beginning years but by now you’re close enough to miss each other for a few days and still not feel like shit.

10. Even if you haven’t officially moved in yet, it’s almost like you have. Toothbrush, t-shirts, shoes, chargers are all at each other’s homes.

11. It’s been so long since you have been a part of his life, even his parents have practically adopted you into their lives by calling you up now and then and inviting you for family affairs.

12. Watching your partner get hit on doesn’t send you into gigantic fits of rage anymore because by now, you know the level of commitment and trust you have with each other.

13. If going out clubbing and dancing all night defined fun in the early parts of your relationship, sitting on the couch surfing channels is your idea of fun now.

14. When you were first dating there were insecurities which forced you to peek on his FB wall now and then. But by now, you know him so well, you really don’t care what goes down on his FB wall.

15. Saying ‘I love you’ comes very easy to you now.

To all those who’ve found their soulmate, their ‘one’, their lobster, here’s hoping you stay together forever!