According to an ANI report, workers of the Hindu Yuva Vahini, founded by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath, barged into a house in Meerut, found a couple in a “compromising” position and handed them over to the police. 

After Yogi Adityanath was declared the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, “anti-Romeo” squads made their presence felt in the state. According to a Times Of India report, the squads were “choosing people at random to inform their parents of their so-called romantic activities”.

Nagendra Pratap Singh, who heads the Meerut leg of Hindu Yuva Vahini, claims that they are not a vigilante group. “We are here to protect women and the rights of Hindus. We also are trying to do away with the social evils associated with the religion,” says Nagendra. 

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In an exclusive interview with ScoopWhoop News, Singh explains how the “Meerut incident” is all about a series of misunderstandings. 

What exactly happened that day? 

The residents of Shastri Nagar colony in Meerut were really disturbed by the misdeeds of this young man called Wasim. He is a resident of Muzzafarnagar who has rented a room in the area. He works in a nearby hospital. Apparently, he comes with women to the flat to indulge in obscene activities. The residents of the area, mainly women, decided that they have had enough and locked the couple in and called the police. Apparently, they were found in a compromising position. By the time we came, both the boy and the girl were apprehended by the police. A mediaperson asked me what was happening and I explained the situation, but they made it sound like we barged into the room. 

So Hindu Yuva Vahini workers did not barge into the room of the couple? 

We were not even there when the residents of the area barged into their room. 

Weren’t both of them consenting adults in the privacy of their bedroom? Is it true that your workers beat them up ? 

I don’t know if they were both adults. We were told the girl is Hindu and the boy is Muslim. We asked them if that was the case. We did not even touch them. The police was there, how could we do anything of the sort?

b’The Hindu Yuva Vahini was founded by Yogi Adityanath in 2002/ Source: PTI’

But is it not true that young couples are being incessantly harassed by the so-called Romeo squads of Uttar Pradesh? 

First of all, Hindu Yuva Vahini is not anti-Romeo squad. We are here to protect the interest of the Hindus and see their well-being. Also, the perception about couples being harassed is completely wrong. We are ensuring that wastrels don’t harass couples and women. Women are safer in Uttar Pradesh now than ever before. 

So you are saying that you will not harass or trouble couples, Hindu-Muslim, Hindu-Christian or whatever, who are out on a date in Meerut? 

They have nothing to fear if they do not cross the line of decency. 

What is the line of decency? 

They shouldn’t do obscene things. You know what I am talking about. If they do obscene things, the police will do what they have to do. 

You mention that the Hindu Yuva Vahini is here to protect the interests of Hindus, why would you exclude other religions? 

Firstly, you have to understand who Hindus are. Any religion that is born in India, is Hinduism. That includes Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Islam and Christianity were born somewhere else, therefore they are different. We are here to take care of the Hindus, am sure there are other groups to take of other religions. 

Many feel that the youth of Uttar Pradesh need employment instead of wasting their time moral policing.

What makes you think that the BJP government has not planned employment schemes for the youth of UP? Media only focusses on things that will get them TRP. 

Lastly, Yogi Adityanath has tacitly distanced himself from the Hindu Yuva Vahini, where does that put you? 

These are just rumours. We are nothing without him. How can a father abandon his children?