One of the most common techniques in politics to evade answering and dodge a question is to play the blame game. It’s a trick that’s used commonly and openly, and that almost everyone knows is happening, but is still done with aplomb. 

According to The Indian Express, Amit Shah recently said that while the Centre might have fallen short on the fight against coronavirus, what did the Opposition do? 

Considering the Opposition only has about 40+ MPs in the Lok Sabha while the Centre has over 300, the statement has been seen as highly deflective and effectively pointless. While addressing a virtual rally for Odisha from New Delhi, Shah said, 

Some short-sighted people, some people in the Opposition, I want to ask them, there may have been lapses on our part, but our commitment was clear. We may have made a mistake, we may have fallen short, we may not have been able to do something. But what did you do?… You ask us questions? Apart from interviews, the Congress did nothing.

He said that while they had botched the fight against coronavirus and caused severe hardship to migrants, the Modi government had also announced a package of Rs 1,70,000 crore. He then claimed the Opposition had done nothing to help in the fight. 

The comments have been met with a barrage of reactions from people, who wondered why the Opposition was even being questioned considering it’s the job of the current government to help fight this crisis.

During the rally, Shah also claimed that India is well placed compared to other countries in regard to coronavirus, and that the Janta Curfew would be written about in history books.