At a time in this country, when communal tensions are reaching their peak with the anti-muslim rhetoric amok, a very powerful image from the CAB protests is going viral. 


A discussion thread of Reddit has also got people talking about the troubling times this democratic institution is going through. 

Reddit user alamkh spoke about the ordeal his family and he would have to face after the NRC and CAB are implemented. 

My family and I won’t be legitimate citizens after nationwide NRC and CAB because of all the documents. I Totally agree..state and religion going together will always be disastrous, Pakistan is responsible for all that it is going through because it gave religion way too much importance.

Others like Garv93 talked about the secular nature of this republic. 

Let’s be clear, the only reason a country so diverse as India has remained a democracy for so long, through so much is because of our secular foundation. Any attack on these ideas is an attack on our democratic status. Any individual out there who doesn’t accept for your religion is not a patriot but a traitor who wants do away with the very foundation that our republic stands on. 

Many Redditors also expressed their concern for the future of this country. 

Things happening right now in my India is deeply worrisome. It is people’s indifference towards this issue that truly scares me.


People also spoke about the need to start the change at home and talk to their parents and family members and explain the gravity of the situation. 

As Hindus, we must speak out on social media, to our parents, peers and anyone willing to listen that we abhor this religious test of citizenship. It is the equivalent of Muslims stepping up to denounce Islamic terrorism. If we don’t do this, it will be assumed that Hindus are fascists. Please talk to everyone about your stance on CAB, NRC and the BJP/RSS/VHP.



Many were also discussing the solution to this communal problem, that can only be described as a co-ordinated attack on our secular democracy. 

You can find the Reddit thread here

The majority needs to come together in times like these when Muslims are being relentlessly persecuted. After all, they chose not to become a part of a religious state. It’s our time to choose now.