In a post that has now been withdrawn, the Malaysian government had given some strange advice to women who are in lockdown with their partners. It was in relation to the cases of domestic violence increasing in the country.

The government had issued ‘guidelines’, which were:

1. Wear make-up

Avoid wearing home clothes. Dress up as usual, put on make-up and dress neatly. 

2. Avoid nagging

If you see your husband carry out a task in a manner that clashes with your own method, avoid nagging.

And ultimately, something really bizarre.

3. Try and talk like Doraemon.

With a ‘coy, feminine laugh’.

‘Don’t nag’ and ‘wear make-up’ are things told to women for centuries now, but the Doraemon thing has to be a first.

In today’s episode of ‘what non-existent thing are women’, we are cartoons. Congratulations.

Also, for the record, Doraemon speaks like this.

Which is…weird?

Every day the world becomes a stranger place.