Comfort food – Daal chawal.

Comfort place – That cozy corner in our homes.

Comfort clothing – Boyfriend’s oversized hoodie.

While some women like wearing their boyfriends’ oversized hoodies or shirts because they find it comfortable, others feel that it reminds them of their smell.

Whatever the reason may be, women just feel happy wearing their partners’ hoodies and there’s a study that proves wearing your boyfriends’ hoodies or shirts is good for your mental health.


Researchers at the University of British Columbia’s psychology department found that women experience reduced stress levels by smelling their partner’s clothes.

Remembering all those times when my boyfriend said no to give me his t-shirt. Kya isme uski chaal thi?

The study tested 96 heterosexual couples. Men were asked to wear new t-shirts for 24 hours without using deodorant. The shirts were then frozen to preserve the scents and the women were given random shirts to smell.

The group that were given a shirt worn by their partner showed much lower levels of stress and anxiety. Interestingly, those who were given the t-shirts worn by a stranger had significantly higher cortisol levels.

Undoubtedly, it also turned out to be the comfiest clothing ever.

So girls, get your hands on your partner’s hoodie ASAP.