Inexplicably enough, there seems to be a renewed demonising of cannabis in the country, as if we’re going back in time. This, despite the fact that it’s legal in many parts of the world, and much better understood nowadays. The latest headlines around the herb talk about a new modus operandi to deliver the stuff in Chennai.

According to Times of India, food delivery agents in Chennai speak to buyers on WhatsApp, and then home deliver the cannabis (or meet the buyers at a place of their choice).

Apparently, it starts with the buyer speaking to the seller on WhatsApp or email. The seller then engages a food delivery executive to courier the weed.

Huffington Post

In a recent bust involving 2 delivery agents, the weed was found in an insulated box hidden among regular food packages.

According to police in Chennai, this mode of dealing has become popular in recent months, and consumers can only join these chat groups through referrals which also involves a payout for those who do the referring. Considering the tall claims being made about weed in the news recently however, the veracity of that remains to be proved.

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So if you order methi on Zomato, you might be in for a surprise.