Rupees 100 notes pinned to exam sheets, parents scaling walls to provide chits inside the examination hall, blue-tooth devices to share answers, Googling information – India has done it all to get pass marks in examinations.

But Indians are the most jugaadu . And they can’t stop finding new ways to cheat.

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Students in Karnataka have taken cheating to an unmatched level during their Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) exam.

In an answer to a math problem, a student wrote how he cherished a chicken curry back home, and even went on to provide the ingredients required for the said preparation. The wise student also provided the recipe of ‘chicken sambar’. Yes, there’s such a thing.

One can only imagine the examiner’s plight.

This is a classic case of ‘Hyper Cheating Syndrome’ or HCS — a disease that makes a student attempt weird methods to convince the examiner that s/he deserves pass mark. Only if such super creative ideas could have been used during the preparations prior to their examination, each of them would have topped!

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Messages, messages

This story is about how a keen student, willing to learn, did not have a good maths teacher, and decided to write about that on paper.

As he wrote, ” Our school lacked a math teacher. As a result, I was forced to shift to another school which was an English medium school. Coming from a Kannada medium school background, I could not understand what was being taught and requested the teacher to teach in Kannada. But the teacher did not heed to my request. I do not have a father. Please pass me, I’ll work very hard and take very good care of my family.”

Pass me, or else…

And as if this wasn’t enough, the examiners have also been threatened of ‘dire consequences’ including black magic to be practiced against them, if they dare to fail these extra-ordinary candidates.

Those sleepless nights, mugs of Horlicks and Bournvita to keep our eyes open, alarms at odd hours – most of us have gone through those painful days. But, dear students, does it mean, you will write such absurd things on your answer sheets?

Please put down that chit, and open a book.

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