I have spent more than 2 decades on this planet, and I have figured something out. That it is a strange place with stranger inhabitants. Thanks to that, we keep getting headlines that are headscratchers, to say the least. Here are some of the recent ones that we dug out. Read on.

1. Shinchan Shinchan pyaara pyaara, Shichan Shichan pyaara pyaara.


2. Legit.

3. There’s always a snitch. Can’t even get a murder done these days.


4. That hit hard.


5. Snitch, told you, always.

Outlook India

6. This is why the government needs to solve the unemployment problem.

India Today

7. Apparently, they are both happy so it’s all cool.

News 18

8. Ew.


9. Not very surprised at this point.

News 18

10. How dare he?


11. Ummm.

Indian Express

12. That esclated.

13. Just Delhi things.

Hindustan Times

14. One way to take revenge, but seriously WTF.


15. Speaking of WTF.

Indian Express

16. I think we can all agree that he has a very different taste in shows and movies.

India Today

17. Welcome to 2021.


18. Obviously.


19. Feel for the guy but how free is he?


20. As one does…

India Today

Will someone tell me what is happening?