Property prices are touching the roof and renting out apartments is more expensive than ever. So, everyone living away from home is on the lookout for a good deal. Sometimes, during this exploration, you come across weird ads for roommates. Like, really weird. Like, weird is an understatement.

1. Creepy Owen wanted a ‘single woman’ as a roommate, between the ages 18 and 25. He also demanded that this woman should be willing to cook and clean, and share bed with him eventually. 

Here’s the full post. Umm…

2. This 53-year-old man shared an extensive list of requirements for his future roommate, who, he said, should be willing to live with him “as a girlfriend” and “possibly wife”, later.

He also mentioned his desired ‘size’, and lifestyle choices and that he is pro-gun. Scarily enough, he received a ton of requests, so…

3. This person was clearly into making some sort of Illuminati group but far less fancy and not discreet at all. They do a lot of talk about spirituality, and a nun-none pun that I am sure they are very proud of.


4. Steeler fan or nothing. Need to display this kind of devotion in life. 

Steeler being a sports team that also participates in the Super Bowl.


5. So, this lady had money problems and decided to rent out her washroom, because no idea is too crazy, right? She said that her roommate can put a mattress in the bathroom and has to be confined to that area except when she has to use it. 

If I didn’t know humans better, I’d say this is fake.


6. Dating apps are passe, people are now turning to roommate requirement ads for finding a partner. Well, if it’s consensual and respectful, who are we to judge?!

But they become disrespectful, that’s the problem. Among other things, what is “decent looking”? 


7. Every line of this post is weirder than the previous. “You will be the pig’s herd”. WHAT?

A unique situation, indeed.


8. Sometimes, when one keeps repeating they are not something, they turn out to be exactly that. Now, even if I were to give Devon the benefit of the doubt there, what’s up the second “fun fact”. Also, “no felony convictions” – one would hope.

9. As Damilola asks, where will the roommate sleep?

10. I love to daydream about living in New York but I guess no, thanks?

Imagine living with pigs who treat you as one of their own? Wholesome.