A recent password hacking experiment revealed that hackers have been able to crack more than 14,800 random passwords from a total list of 16,449. And the success rate for each of the hackers varies from 62% to 90%, reports Daily Mail .

While fingerprints, retina scans or heart beat waves are considered as old fashioned, PayPal’s global head of Developer Evangelism Jonathan Leblanc has introduced technology beyond our imagination called Kill All Passwords .

During a presentation, Leblanc said that identification of people will shift from ‘antiquated’ external body methods like fingerprints, towards internal body functions like heartbeat and vein recognition.

Source: Vitakem

Paypal is now developing edible capsule passwords

The capsule passwords would be absolutely ingestible. They would detect glucose levels of one’s body and identify data on the basis of the internal body features.

Further, Leblanc revealed even more accurate ways of identifications like silicon chips that can be embedded into the skin. These chips will contain ECG sensors to monitor the heart’s electrical activity and communicate the data via wireless antennae.

“I can’t speculate as to what PayPal will do in the future, but we’re looking at new techniques – we do have fingerprint scanning that is being worked on right now – so we’re definitely looking at the identity field,” Leblanc told The Wall Street Journal .