On normal days, penguins and Beluga whales would have never seen each other but, all thanks to the ongoing lockdown, both these cute creatures met each other for the very first time. 

Yup, since the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has been closed to contain the spread of the pandemic, penguins have been let loose and have been allowed to explore other parts of the facility and, it’s turning out to be an adventure for them.  

Wellington, one of the little rockhopper penguins, on his ‘field trip’, visited the underwater viewing area of the Shedd’s Oceanarium which houses several Beluga whales. 


Naturally, the whales were wondering who the new visitor was and they couldn’t stop staring at the adorable two-legged creature who had come to pay them a visit. 

In the video, that is going viral, Kayavak, Mauyak and baby Annik, the Beluga whales were extremely happy and excited to see Wellington and, we have to admit that this is one of the cutest things you’ll see on the internet today. 


This is probably the first time both, the penguin and the whales got a chance to see each other up close. Even in the wild, the two probably wouldn’t have seen each other their whole lives. 

Why? Well, because the Beluga whales live in the Arctic Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere, while the penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere. 

This adorable video caught the internet’s attention too and this is how they reacted to the story. 

The animals are really having a fun time and we are glad, they are getting a chance to explore their surroundings.