While the whole country is helping out Kerala, this village in West Bengal has a personal reason to do so. 

Around 600 families who reside in Chhilimpur village of north Dinajpur district are collecting funds to help out the flood-hit state.


According to a report by TOI, around 600 families are dependent on Kerala because they are employed there to work as masons and labourers.

10 years ago, Chhilimpur was an economically backward village. But thanks to support from Kerala, their conditions significantly improved.


A villager reportedly said,

“We owe a lot to Kerala. All these newly built houses, tractors and motorcycles are the result of men working in Kerala. Keralites are our employers. How can we sit idle when they are in utter distress?”
“Around 200 youths from our village stay in Kottayam and Ernakulam in Kerala for the past few years. Most are construction workers and visit home once or twice a year.”

Another resident of the village said that they feel the pain that Kerala is going through because their village was also flooded years ago.


It’s heartwarming to see that people from all over the country are coming together to help out our fellow citizens in times of dire need.

If you want to help out Kerala, here is how you can do it.