Total lockdowns can be though. Both for the citizens and the police trying to enforce it. Case in point, this altercation between a woman and a cop in West Bengal, following which the lady proceeded to lick the policeman!

India lockdown
Source: CNBCTV18

While the details of the event are sketchy at best, from the video going viral on Twitter, we can see the policemen tried to stop a woman from going outside. 

Woman licks cops west bengal
Source: Twitter

Enraged by the 'obstruction', the woman went ahead and in the heat of the moment, licked the policeman on his uniform. 

The cop in question tells the woman that he wasn't even talking to her but the woman accused him of shoving her. 

Woman licks cop west bengal
Source: Twitter

She then goes on to tell him that if anything happens to her, there is nobody to take care of her family. 

You can see the video here: 

Twitter was obviously quite critical of the woman!

Now, it is quite understandable that staying inside the house for days on end is a tough ask but there is absolutely no fathomable reason for you to lick anyone and spread the virus. It doesn't matter if you are infected or not. Just don't do it!