Desis boarding trains are always in a hurry. Whether it is to reach their work or any destination, they never stop for anyone. So, obviously, to go ahead with their fast-paced life, they sometimes opt for shortcuts like crossing the railway tracks.

To curb this and create awareness among commuters, Western Railways found a rather creative solution. They have hired a Yamraj (God of death) to keep these trespassers away from the tracks and stop them from crossing the unmanned tracks. He also carries them back to safety. 

The Yamraj is a member of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) who is part of the awareness campaign which began on November 6th at Andheri and Malad stations in Mumbai. 

The Western Railways also posted a video on Twitter which showed the Yamraj catching two trespassers and carried them back to their safety. 

Netizens too praised this initiative by the Indian Railways. 

Reports mentioned that trespassing accounted for 721 deaths until June this year. So this was a much-needed initiative by the railway authorities.