Ever since we first heard of the novel coronavirus (which does seem like it was an entire century ago), we've been told that the key to contain its spread lies in our hands. That we need to stay at home, wash our hands, avoid contact with other humans, and generally not panic or hoard too much stuff. 

But somehow there are still selfish jerks out there who just want to do whatever they want, putting themselves and everyone around them in danger. And now there is a word for them.

That's right! Now you know what you should be calling that one guy who is still asking you if you want to go to the pub. Or that one aunty who brought home 50 hand sanitiser bottles. Basically anyone who is not following the public health advices or hoarding supplies for themselves. 

After appearing on Urban Dictionary, Twitter picked the word up, and soon enough, it went "viral" (sorry). Here are a few examples of some covidiots, in case you were wondering.  

The people who gathered in large numbers during the Janta Curfew on Sunday were practicing some covidiocy as well. 

And so was whoever took these masks from SMS Hospital in Jaipur. They're. For. The. Doctors. 

It's important for us all to be alert and follow the guidelines laid out for us if we want to get through this epidemic. Let's look out for each other in this time of need and stay at home, keep washing our hands, and not hoard on essentials. The road ahead is hard, but we can get through it together. 

Just remember — don't be a covidiot.