Wait! Have you ever noticed a black briefcase around our Prime Minister? Well, you will be intrigued when you will know the story behind it. As our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s security is of utmost importance and very well taken care of by the government. Every public event and gathering will include this black briefcase. So, what’s inside the briefcase that the Prime Minister’s security personnel carry?

We tried to find out.

Special Protection Force (SPF) holds the responsibility for PM Narendra Modi’s security. SPF is not only accountable for the security of the PM, but also his family. SPF is the premier security force provided to the Prime Minister. Special protection forces are highly skilled and equipped with weapons like automatic guns, pistols like 17-M and FNF-2000 assault rifles. 

It is solely the choice of the Prime Minister to accept or refuse this protection. 


Many contemplate that there is a nuclear button inside or machine gun. However, it is the responsibility of the nuclear command authority, the Cabinet Control of Security (CCS), to conduct nuclear operations. 


The black briefcase is actually a protective bulletproof shield for VIPs like our PM. It provides immediate and temporary protection during emergencies. This nuclear briefcase of India looks like armor and opens up like a protective wall. The briefcase assures NIJ level 3 ballistic protection to our PM. So, when you want to open the shield, you have to pull it downward. Apart from this, it also carries other essential documents and a secret pocket to carry a pistol.


SPF also provides security to international guests who visit the country. SPF commanders are appointed by the Central Armed Police Forces and they come under Cabinet Secretariat.

Fun fact – You will also see all the bodyguards wearing black glasses to mislead the attackers about their suspicion.