While states like Rajasthan, Odisha and Telangana have declared black fungus as an epidemic, an infection known as white fungus is also being reported in some Covid affected patients. 

And, it’s being said that this infection is more lethal than the black fungus. New cases of this infection have been found in the city of Patna, Bihar so far. 


So before we talk about the symptoms, let’s try to understand what causes this infection, shall we?

According to Dr Arunesh Kumar, senior consultant & head of respiratory medicine/pulmonology, Paras Hospital, this infection is caused due to low immunity or if people come in contact with things that contain these molds like water. And, proper sanitation is the only way to keep this infection at bay. 


What are the symptoms to look out for?

It is being said that patients who have Covid-like symptoms but are testing negative are the ones who might have this infection. And, getting a CT-Scan or an X-ray done is the only way to find out if an individual has been infected. 


What body parts can the white fungus affect?

The white fungus can not only affect the lungs but, also other body parts like the nails, skin, kidney, brain and private parts to name a few. 


Wondering, who is most prone to this fungus?

Covid patients with low immunity are the ones who are most prone to this disease. Cancer patients, patients who are diabetic or are taking steroids for a long period of time are the ones who are most suspectable to the fungus. 


How can this infection be treated?

Anti-fungal medicines and timely detection is the only way to treat this infection. 

Do consult a doctor before taking any medication.