After extracting personal messages from celebrity chats and making them public, Indian media has hit a new low trying to draw a new development in there Sushant Singh Rajput case. 

A video of an Aaj Tak reporter invading the privacy of an alleged drug peddler’s father by constantly knocking on his door and then getting assaulted has surfaced on the internet. 

In the first few seconds of the video, the reporter can be seen talking to the door, trying to get a statement from the alleged peddler’s father after he refused to comment on the situation. 

Sir, aap kuch kehna chahenge aapka beta arrest hua hai drugs peddling mein? 

Ok honestly, what was the reporter thinking? Expecting a reaction to the family’s son’s arrest? Catching the father off-guard, with no prior notice of an interview? 

Secondly aren’t they supposed to blur the nameplate and not give out the address of their leads, especially when it is such a high profile case?  

After silence for a few seconds, a furious shirtless man opened the door, ‘respectfully’ asking the reporter to get out, chasing the crew till they got off the stairs. 

Things escalated quickly and the reporter further went on to shove the mic near the father’s mouth as he was shooing them away with foul language. After this, the father got physical and tried to assault the reporter. 

Now, I just have one question, where does the Indian media decide to draw the line?

It is a crime to trespass and invade someone’s privacy by barging into their personal/ private space just like it is a crime to violently attack someone. 

Twitter is divided over the harassment that turned into an episode of violence in this incident: