India’s fake news problem has multiplied ever since the coronavirus pandemic started. WhatsApp forwards from quacks have been circulating with myths about the virus and its cures. So, we decide to help you out with a few common myths, that you might have been led to believe. 

1.  Eating garlic or lemon or any other food that’s used as home remedies for common cold can prevent coronavirus infection.

Reality: Garlic has some anti-microbial properties. And vitamin C can support the immune system. That being said, there is no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 infection can be halted by eating garlic or lemon or by any other home remedies.

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2. This strain of the croronavirus doesn’t do so well in hot and humid climates. 


Reality: Climate doesn’t play any role in stopping the transmission or the effectiveness of the virus. 

3. The strain of coronavirus that came to India is a weak one and is easily defeated. 


Reality: No. It’s the same strain of coronavirus that started in China and has infected over a million people all cross the world. 

4.  Lighting candles will raise the temperature of the planet, resulting in the death of coronavirus. 

Reality: No, even if all 134 crore Indians light candles at the same time, it will barely do anything to change the temperature of the planet. In fact, if it did, and that quickly, we would all have a much bigger problem on our hands. 

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5. Spraying alcohol or bleach or drinking them will kill the coronavirus. 

Reality: Alcohol will get you drunk and bleach will very likely kill you on consumption. So neither works. 


6. Homeopathy can help if one has coronavirus. 

Reality: There is absolutely no evidence to suggest this. If you have the symptoms, go to a doctor and quarantine yourself. Don’t risk your life and the life of your family on myths. 


7. The coronavirus only affects older people and babies. 

Reality: It horribly affects people who low immunity i.e, babies, old people, immunosuppressed people. But it will also affect younger healthier people. You might not need to go to a hospital but it is a virus and it will get you if you are not careful.  


8. You can get infected with coronavirus through dogs and cats.  

Reality: NOPE! You can’t. This virus cannot transmit between species. So do not abandon your pets at any costs. 


9. Non-vegetarian food like chicken, fish etc can transmit the coronavirus. 

Reality: The virus doesn’t spread through food of any kind, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Of course, proper hygienic practices must be followed or we will back to square one. 


10. Standing in sunlight can help with coroavirus. 

Reality: No, standing in the sun will only help with getting Vitamin D and maybe a tan. But nothing else. 


So,please always, and I can’t stress this enough, always go to the WHO website to know more about coronavirs and stay updated. At this point, anything you receive on Whatsapp, you must believe it to be fake news until proven otherwise. 

* All relevant information have been sourced from Harvard School of Public Health and World Health Organisation.