What do you get when a Human Resource Development minister and a senior journalist have varying views on the most volatile topic in the country? A Twitter spat!

Union Minister Smriti Irani was going about her day when journalist Barkha Dutt tagged her in a tweet where she was promoting her latest column: A Letter To PM Modi From ‘Anti-National Sickular Presstitute’ Barkha Dutt

Here’s what started the fight:

Irani took offence and shot a flustered reply:

Dutt dug up a newspaper report for proof:

… and, another:

… and, another:

Someone else butted in with the quote in question:

But Irani wasn’t buying any of that:

That’s when Dutt took a direct swing:

Irani on the defensive:

And, that’s when Dutt took offence:

Of course, Twitter wasn’t going to let a first-class spat go unnoticed. There on began a debate of whether Irani was commenting on Jawaharlal Nehru University or Yale.