BJP leader and J&K; health minister Choudhary Lal Singh is no stranger to controversy. But his recent round of ‘sexist remarks’ at a function has taken him to a new low.

According to a report in the State Times , the minister while stating ‘like Sanjay Dutt of Munna Bhai MBBS movie, one day I will also be called as Lal Singh Bhai MBBS’ , said the (female doctors) should spend salaries on good food to maintain their physique.

“When a woman loses glow or grows weak, her husband loses interest in her and looks for other women. A man is a scoundrel and the woman should maintain good health to make her marriage life successful,” he said.

He also advised females to take adequate folic acid tablets to avoid anaemia.

Raking up another potential controversy, Lal Singh said Delhi-based private hospitals are ‘dens of dacoits’ who not only fleece the patients from different States but also kill them via gross negligence and faulty diagnosis.

“Don’t advice patients to go to Fortis, Medanta etc. They are dacoits. Dacoits are sitting there to loot patients. They have failed the people of Delhi,” Singh said.

The firebrand minister also warned doctors in J&K; from talking to media. Maybe he needs to give himself a warning as well.