On March 8 every year, we celebrate Women’s Day. And while we should honour women the entire year, for me, it’s the day to celebrate the contributions and the resilience of other amazing women while also reminding the society how far it has to go in achieving gender equality. 

So that’s that, but of course, it can’t be this simple, can it? For years now, people have been using “there is no men’s day” as a counter for many arguments focused on sexism. 

That’s dumb and unnecessary to begin with but anyway, there is, in fact, men’s day. It falls on the 19th of November.

There is a site called international men’s day which also lists the objectives of celebrating the occasion, the tradition which started in 1992. 

These include highlighting discrimination against men, improving gender equality, etc. Apart from these, ‘themes’ are also followed. Some of these are: Giving Boys the Best Possible Start in Life (2011), Helping Men and Boys Live Longer, Happier and Healthier Lives (2012), etc.

Since the topic was raised on Twitter yesterday (as it does every year on the 8th of March), reactions followed. Here are some of them. 

So there you go, guys. Two quick things before I go though:

Please show this much interest in international men’s day when it actually happens. 

Please include everyone who identifies as man when you do.