Morality can sometimes be a little tricky. In that, a lot of actions, which seem legitimate at the moment, strike later as something regretful. This can be better understood by the list of thieves below, who decided to give back the belongings after realising what they have done is wrong. 

To be honest, some of it really touching.

1. When a thief returned a stolen bag after realising that it was full of Covid vaccines. He also left an apology letter saying, “Sorry, pata nahin tha Covid ki dawai hai“.

2. When an armed robber in China returned the money to a woman after seeing that she has next to nothing left in her bank account.

He already had the cash when he asked her to show the balance in her account. On noticing that she ad no money left, he smiled and gave it all back to her.

3. When a thief sent passport and driving license to an elderly woman by mail, after robbing her in the London tube. 


4. When a burglar allegedly returned the stolen money to a dargah in Rajasthan one month after committing the crime.

They had taken around 2 lakh rupees from the donation box at the dargah and returned around 1 lakh. 

Dainik Bhaskar

5. Similarly, a US thief returned the money to a man he robbed 30 years ago. With interest.

He wrote an anonymous letter, specifying that he had forcefully taken money from a store worker back in the 80s and wanted to return it. The said employee was found by the police and he verified the claim.


6. When a looter returned the money to an Arkansas woman along with an apology note that read, “To the lady that left her wallet at Walmart…please forgive me as I always strive to have integrity, and that day I failed miserably”.

He returned the money to the police, who called the woman and asked her to take it back.


7. When a thief in Springfield, USA, returned $40 and added 30 more from his side a day after taking money from the tip jar.

Along with the money, there was a letter explaining his struggle with drug addiction:

To the employees who worked yesterday I truly apologize for what happened it was a stupid mistake made while under the influence of drugs which is not a excuse just the truth there was 40 something (dollars) in there when it was taken I tried to double it but could only get 70 (dollars) I’m sorry I’m not a bad person just a man with an addiction I AM sorry!!! (sic)

8. When a Pune burglar returned the driving license of a woman by courier. 

Auto Portal

9. When a family in Kerala decided to withdraw the case against a thief after they returned gold ornaments with a letter, explaining that the said action was taken under “financial constraints”.

Times of India

10. When a Saudi Arabia family received jewellery worth lakhs, 10 years after it was stolen.

The guy had a change of heart. He said sorry with a letter addressed to the owners of the jewels. A report on the matter read:

He also said that he was in need when he stole the jewellery but decided to return them because he no longer needs money after his financial position improved…he said he considered the gold as a trust returning to its owner.
The Economic Times

It’s never too late to become a better person, no?