The last time I acquired a skill worth mentioning, I was 2 years old. 

I learned how to walk.

Which I wouldn’t have, if I knew I will have to do it for the rest of my life. 

That is just to give you an idea about the kind of person I am. So, to see people making dalgona coffee and picking up paint brushes is just weird to me.

I don’t want to accomplish a lot, I am just not that person. Only thing I want is a good series to watch – and another one after that – and another one after the another one.

I’d like to stress again, ‘good’.

Because there are obviously a lot of options to choose from, and that is prcisely the problem.

Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, Disney Plus and other streaming websites – if you combine all of them, there is enough content for you to watch till the end of your life.

You surf through all of that and finally find your gem, and it’s nice for a few days, but obviously the series ends and then what?

Then you are faced with a very important question – what to watch next.

Which gives me existential crisis. I start thinking about life and our mortality. 

Not so ideal during a pandemic, right? Right.

So I ask my friends to suggest something to me. But they,  I must say, are very bad at it. Guess why? Because they are busy learning how to speak in Lithuanian for no reason at all.

Naturally then I have to bother acquaintances. But their first question is – what kind of stuff do you like?.

I say fast, funny and sad. The say Fleabag.

I say, man I have seen it a 100 times. Like literally 100. At one point that’s all I did. It’s great right? The priest. He says kneel, ooo. The foxes haha.

They say wow okay, will get back to you.

They never do. I wonder why.

To add to all of that, I am not impulsive when it comes to content either. 

There is no series I have watched till the end, and not liked. 

Because I usually quit if the first 10 minutes are boring.

So that’s that. I haven’t learnt any new skill, in fact I have forgotten the ones I had earlier.

I just hope I find something worth binging because the lockdown isn’t ending any time soon. Until that happens, the foxes haha.