Not a day goes by when I am not cribbing about my mobile internet. Outside of my home and my work, where I am forced to use mobile data, life becomes excruciatingly slow. Why are we paying for 4G speeds only to live with 3G at best?


And god forbid, the wifi goes out. Then I am forced back to the dark ages, where I have to trek around my entire house to find the place where I get the fastest internet speeds. Hint: it is on top of my study table. 


While browsing through my feed with much annoyance, I came across Ookla’s Speedtest’s Global Index. They’re basically just ranking 145 countries based on their mobile internet speeds. So I’m scrolling through so many countries, and India hasn’t popped up yet. 50.. 100.. 120..where is it? Then I find it.

India is ranked a low 131 out of 145 countries.

It’s only a little surprising we’re so low on the list, but what amazed me more were the countries that were ranked wayy ahead of us. 

South Korea is at the top of the list, with a download speed of a whopping 111 mbps. They have the fastest internet in the world. 


But then there’s the number of countries you wouldn’t believe get better internet than us. There’s Nepal at 130, just a rank above India. Nepal’s mobile internet download speed is 10.78, just mere points above India’s 10.65. Even Nepal has better internet than us. 

Some other Asian countries that rank way above us include Iran at 60, Vietnam at 69, Myanmar at 74, Sri Lanka at 83, Malaysia at 86 and Pakistan at 118. All these countries have an average download speed of 20.38, which is still better than India. 

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Even countries you’d least expect, like Syria, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya and Israel rank way higher than India. I am surprised, yet not that surprised at the same time. 

Hello, Indian mobile data, let’s get our act together! Love, aam janta.