When Chandrayaan-2 successfully launched on July 22, the nation geared up to watch India achieve a soft landing on the moon. Today, after successfully completing its rough landing, communication was unfortunately lost with Chandrayaan-2, as lander Vikram began its final descent

ISRO chief K Sivan stated that the descent of lander Vikram was normal till an altitude of 2.1 kms, but then communication was lost.

Soon after PM Modi, who was present for a special viewing, briefed the group of scientists. He told the team that the whole nation is proud of ISRO, and they should look at this as just one of the many ups and downs of life. 

Despite all scientific developments, space exploration and travel continues to remain a field where 100% success can never be guaranteed. However, it is important to remember the efforts, hard work, and courage of each and every scientist and technician involved with the Chandrayaan-2 project. Their constant efforts allowed a nation to collectively dream, and that too is no small achievement.