We all have heard of cybercrime cases. The dark side of the internet always comes with a shock. This incident from Mumbai is one of them, a woman who decided to order liquor online was duped. 

The woman who is a lecturer at a private coaching center, lives with her husband in Mumbai, in Malad. On 14 July, around 7 pm, they decided to order liquor online from a local shop in Malad and, this is what happened.


According to a report in Indian Express, In her statement to the police she informed, “My husband asked me to order Blenders Pride from Chincholi wine shop. I searched for its number on Google and called. A fraudster, posing as a wine shop employee, asked me to pay Rs 1,700. I paid the money but he asked me to scan a QR code that I received on WhatsApp saying that it is required for GST payment. I scanned the code and Rs 19,860 got debited from my account.”


She was tricked by the fraudster, as he sent multiple QR codes to her on WhatsApp. When she confronted him, he said it was a mistake and sent her a new QR code, and only Rs 10 was credited. 

However, when she received a new QR code, Rs 81,200 was debited from her account.

The worst part is when the woman called. The fraudster asked for new account details, saying it had some technical glitches. So, she shared her husband’s number and bank details. 

After receiving the QR code, Rs 79,460 again was withdrawn from the account. And she ended up spending Rs 1.6 lakh while the actual amount was Rs 1,700. 


After all this, when she called him, he said he was on his way to deliver the liquor and resolve the matter there. But, when no one showed up and, the couple visited the liquor store, they found out they were duped and filed a police complaint. 

So far, the police have asked the bank to stop the payment and investigating the matter.