When Modi ji called the nation to come out clapping their hands and banging thalis, what he probably wasn’t expecting was our habit of collective stupidity. 

Business Standard

We have done some seriously ignorant things in the past. Like burst crackers on Diwali in Delhi, where the environment is literally to die for. But yesterday, when people, along with politicians came out in huge numbers to clap, it had to be the stupidest thing we’ve done this century. 

See, the reason I’m furious is that the whole point of the exercise was to not be in contact with anyone, stay inside the house, and basically avoid people, because if you don’t, there’s a good chance that you’ll die.

Guess, nobody told these guys!

Also before that, you’re going to spread it to a shit ton of people. People, who may not have access to healthcare the way you do, people who can’t buy medicines, or afford quarantines or hospitals. And they are going to spread it to more people and it will eventually come back and bite you and your loved ones in the arse. 

I mean, look at this madness and stupidity. 

No, my dude. We ain’t jealous. We’re just scared for your dumbass and all those gathered with you. 

There’s more of this!

Also, before this, I have literally heard people go like, ‘We used to jump into drains to pick up balls. Nothing can hurt us’. 


It probably already did. It made you think that somehow jumping in a drain with household crap is the same as a virus that continues to kill hundreds on a daily basis. 


Also, this is a serious request to those who send WhatsApp forwards. Throw your god damn phones into the fire or just go to the WHO website to get actual facts before forwarding them. 


Heat does nothing to stop coronavirus. That was something Donald Trump said. And I think we can all agree, even the conservatives, that he’s not the smartest tool in the shed. 


Also, what Amitabh Bachchan had tweeted earlier about some astrological shit stopping the spread of the virus is FAKE NEWS! And I can’t stress this enough, but nothing in the astrological ‘studies’ will ever save you from the virus, doesn’t matter if its a full moon or not!

India Today

Look, guys. It’s quite simple. Just stay the fuck inside. That’s it. You’ve got WiFi. You have got a crapload of streaming services. If nothing else, you still have a TV. Whatever works for you. Nobody is going to judge you right now!


Save yourself first. By doing so, you’ll be saving the ones you love. Stay home.