Much before footballers made it a trend, the army had it as a rule. Yes, we are talking about the short haircut. We all recognize the army cut from various movies, songs or actual people we might have met in our lives. But, have you ever wondered why they practice this? 

According to a thread on Quora, it’s all about pure logic. Let’s take a look at what possible reasons might have compelled someone to make it a rule for the armed forces.

1. To avoid obstructions while putting on headgear and equipment

In a battle zone, every second is precious. You just cannot take the risk of wasting time in putting your gear on. By simple logic, longer hair is more likely to obstruct the process by getting tangled.

2. Avoid getting their hair caught in guns and other equipment

You just don’t know what you might have to do for survival in a war zone. Sneaking into corners, staying close to the machinery, there are so many chances of long hair getting caught into a moving or stationary lethal military machinery.

3. Lesser odds of catching a cold

It is a well-known fact that army men have to face a lot of extreme conditions at least at some point in their career. Short hair gets dried up real quick and the chances of catching a common cold (or hypothermia in extreme cases) decreases significantly.

4. Avoid lice and ticks

There are some instances of soldiers getting sick from louse and tick bites. Short hair prevents nits and lice from nesting in their heads.

5. Negating the enemy advantage in close combat

Although we hear very few cases of close combat in the army but still you cannot rule it out. In such cases, long hair can be used against the soldier. Also, it gets easier for someone to sneak behind, grab them by their hair and slit the throat.

6. Low maintenance 

When you are in a war, there could be days when you won’t be able to take a shower at all. Lesser the hair, easier it is to maintain without facing any hygiene hazard.   

7. To encourage uniformity

Last but not the least, not having different individual hair styles enforces uniformity and unity among the soldiers. Everyone looks equal and share the sense of pride to do anything for the nation.

It’s only the heroics of the army that made this haircut a style statement. Maybe, that’s why this cut is looked upon with a sense of pride and of course, it makes them look smart and sharp.