Navratri is here! And so is Garba. With nine days of fun & celebrations, a lot MORE happens during these nine days.

I am sure even you are curious to know what Garba or Navratri has to do with condoms? 


The October heat & Garba season comes together. The temperature in the evening cools down, the music & orchestra adds more to the fun.  

With young women & men all dressed up to dance on the beats of Garba & clanking dandiya, many parts of India are lit up with merriment.

Not only celebrities & clothing brands, but even condom brands also earn a lot of profit during Navratri. 

The Better India

The events become a platform for people to socialize and take it further. The main reason for this is also freedom. 

The Garba venues in Gujarat also had volunteers deployed by different NGOs to spread awareness about safe sex and AIDS.

The Cultural Heritage of India

According to a report in Times of India, “condom sales during Navratri, in the urban areas, increases from 25 per cent to 50 per cent, particularly in Gujarat and other pockets in the West and North.”

Under no parents’ attention, youngsters have their share of fun & take this time to indulge in casual sex. 

Many surveys suggest youngsters wait for this festival for the entire year, away from the prying eyes of their parents. 

Though this may come as a shock to many, considering the word S-E-X is a big no in our society, that’s what the data shows. 

A Quora user says, “The logic behind that is, the environment of Navratri is like that you get excited too easily and, the hormones that are secreted in your brain do the rest. And after all, you get the freedom of the late night.”

It is also the time when Indian parents hire detectives. A parent, S. Doshi, a 42-year-old mother of two girls, aged 17 and, 19 says.

It is strange to pay someone to keep a night watch on my daughters. But it is better than regretting later. 

Not only Gujarat, but this also happens in all the Garba events across India.