How many times have you too wondered “Oh! He/she was such a good employee! I wonder why they let him/her go?”. How many times have you too wondered as to why an employee who could’ve been an asset to the company, decided to call it quits one fine day?

It doesn’t make sense, right? Maybe he/she was overworked. Maybe he/she didn’t like the job anymore.

Now while these are valid possibilities, you’ll be surprised to know the biggest cause of good employees leaving a job.

It’s not the boss.

It’s not the work.

It’s their immediate supervisor.

According to a survey done by Tiny Pulse, employees want to grow professionally. If the supervisor doesn’t allow that, they’ll leave.

More often than not, it’s not the job the employees hate. It’s their supervisor.

And that’s why, if a lot of people are leaving the company, higher authorities should look into the supervisor/team leader.

Another amazing fact that came out of the survey was the role peers play in retaining an employee.

If the colleagues are appreciative, the chances of an employee staying in the company increase manifold.

Take note, bosses.